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  • Control Panel – This is the housing unit that operates the entire irrigation system. It’s important that it operates as it was designed, and no damage exists to the panel box as well as the screen and/or control switch.
  • Electrical Wiring - Panel boxes can be a mess of small wires. It’s important that they’re all intact, free of corrosion and wired correctly so the right zone operates the correct heads.
  • Evidence of Leaking – Bubbling in the soil is evidence of a broken line. This allows for water to escape causing for a higher water bill, air and sand to traverse through the lines causing more expensive repairs. Water pressure drops and the uniformity of the water coverages get disrupted.
  • Damaged, Clogged, Tilted Irrigation Heads - A damaged sprinkler head may result in misfiring, water shooting straight up in the air, and leakage causing water to puddle around the head. Clogged heads change the trajectory of the water stream, not allowing the lawn to get full coverage. Tilted heads force the water to spray into the ground, overwatering the same spot causing the area to puddle.
  • Overspray on Homes – Over spraying on the home can cause major issues with the structure of the home. Water is puddling near the foundation and the water can cause siding and framing members to rot as well as windows to leak if there is consistent water pressure hitting the same areas.