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What is a Wind Mitigation Inspection

By February 19, 2021Hurricanes
What is a wind mitigation inspection

We all want to save money on our insurance but at the same time, make sure that our home is properly insured.  One way to do that in the southern and Gulf Coast states is through a wind mitigation inspection. What is a wind mitigation inspection?  Well, it is an inspection that looks at the ability of a home to withstand strong winds during a hurricane or high winds.

Let’s look at why this is important, who should get this done, how much it costs, what is involved in the inspection, and what happens after the inspection.

Why This is Important

A home is the most expensive purchase most of us will make in our lifetime.  We want to be able to hold on to it for as long as possible and also for it to keep our loved ones safe.  However, we want to make sure that the home can withstand certain wind speeds during a hurricane or high windstorm. 

Many insurance companies now offer credits to homeowners on their insurance if they have a wind mitigation inspection done.  This is because the insurance companies then have peace of mind which homes can withstand certain wind speeds.

Who Should Have a Wind Mitigation Inspection

Who Should Have a Wind Mitigation Inspection

A strong recommendation for anyone who lives in the southern or Gulf Coast States.  Wouldn’t you want to know that your house could withstand certain wind speeds?  Here in South Carolina, the average savings in homeowners insurance is 14% for homeowners when they have a wind mitigation inspection.

There is also a higher savings for those who are in the coastal areas.  The link above also has a comparison of insurance companies and the discount percentage they offer.

Wind mitigation inspection

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Depending on the state and area in which you live, a wind mitigation inspection can cost from $75- 150. Some states it is done by a home inspector, but here in South Carolina, it is done by a licensed contractor, architect, engineer, or code enforcement officer. This is about a 30-minute inspection and the licensed contractor looks at:

  1. Home Age– permit after March 1, 2002
  2. The Age of the Roof– permit after March 1, 2002
  3. Roof Geometry– Less than 10% of the roof has gable or flat features
  4. Deck Nailing on the Roof- 8d nail and 6 inches apart
  5. Roof to Wall Connection – single wraps, double wraps, clips, structural connection
  6. Underlayment Type– SWR or Peel and Stick self-adhering underlayment
  7. Window Opening Protection– openings are impact rated: windows or shutters
  8. Door Opening Protection– solid entry doors are impact rated

Do you want to know what happens in a wind mitigation inspection?  Check out this video:

Inspection Validity

The wind mitigation inspection is good for five years.  Even though you are paying for the inspection, you will see the money later by saving money on your homeowner’s insurance for the next five years.

After the Wind Mitigation Inspection

After the Wind Mitigation Inspection

After the inspection, the inspector will let you know in writing the areas needed for improvement relating to wind mitigation.  Then, talk to your homeowner’s insurance agent to see if you will have more savings if you make the repairs or upgrades.

States Vary for Discounts on Insurance

Here in South Carolina, many people are saving money on their insurance by having the following credits:

  1. Storm shutters
  2. Roof Tie Downs
  3. Impact Glass
  4. Openings
  5. Wall to Floor Strength

Each state varies on what they will give discounts for so check with your state insurance website or contact an insurance agent.

Other inspections to think about
Swimming pool inspection

Other Inspections to Think About

Do you have a reason to believe you might have radon in your home?  The inspector can do an add-on for a radon inspection.

Perhaps you have a well or a swimming pool you need inspecting?  You can ask the home inspector to add-on these services. Have a swimming pool inspection before the summer heat sets in if you are having issues.

When to Call a Professional

Furthermore, you need a professional to conduct the inspection.  If there are suggestions that you feel you are able to fix on your own (after checking with your insurance agent), you can do that.  If not, contacting a professional is a good idea.


Hurricanes are inevitable in the southern and Gulf Coast parts of the U.S. and making sure your home is strong to fight these storms is important.  The cost of the wind mitigation inspection is small compared to the savings you can see on your homeowner’s policy. 

Lastly, talk to the insurance company or do some research and find out if the wind mitigation inspection is good for you.  Even if there is not a discount, knowing you have a home that can withstand a lot of wind is peace of mind.  Have questions about wind mitigations or need an inspection?  Reach out to us by dropping us a line below so we can help! 

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