Structural Foundation Inspection

For VA or FHA Loan Programs

What We Offer

  • Structural Foundation Certificates
  • Additions Certifications
  • 1st Permanent Location Certificates

What Is It?

Are you purchasing a manufactured home with a FHA or VA loan? Then chances are you may need a Permanent Structure Foundation Certificate. In more and more cases, underwriters are requesting these for conventional loans too.

A 1st Permanent Location Certificate is when a manufactured home has not been moved to multiple sites.

Structural Foundation Certificates: According to the HUD Guide for a Permanent Structure: Anchorage capacity to prevent uplift and overturning due to winds or seismic forces, whichever controls. Screw-in soil anchors are not considered permanent anchorage. Footing size to prevent overloading the soil-bearing capacity and avoids soil settlement. Footings shall be reinforced concrete to be considered permanent. Base of footing below maximum frost-penetration depth. Enclose a basement or crawl space with a continuous wall (whether bearing or non-bearing) that separates the basement of the crawlspace from the backfill, and keeps out vermin and water.

Addition Certifications is a certificate issued based on attachments and connections to any members that have been added to the home. I.e decks, balconies, sunrooms, additional rooms, etc.

I highly recommend Rivertown property inspectors. They were very professional and thorough with the home inspection.

Joy SmithCustomer

Rivertown did an inspection on a new home I’m buying. They were prompt giving me a quote and scheduling an appointment. They showed up on time and within a matter of hours, they sent me the completed report with photos. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable.

Cat VCustomer

Rivertown Property Inspections are very Professional. Appointments are scheduled promptly and the Inspectors show up as scheduled. My current client was extremely Satisfied with their thorough inspection and received the complete report the same day.

Gary FalconerCustomer