Septic Tank Inspections

A Dirty Job For A Clean Mind

What We Inspect

Septic Inspections are a non-invasive procedure that is used when it is necessary to assess the condition of a property’s sewage system. Septic Tests are designed to reveal any leaks or problems in the septic system, and are a good indicator that the system is in need of repair. Many financial institutions also require Septic Tests prior to approving financing.

  • Visual evaluation and identification of readily accessible septic system components
  • Assessment of visually accessible components
  • Assessment of the baffle system
  • Assessment of proper operation with the rise
  • Assessment of the leach field
  • Assessment of foreign matters that may cause clogging, build up, and/or damage to the system.


Only a trained professional can recognize the appropriate signs in the testing process that may spell trouble for the septic system, and only a qualified professional can issue a Septic Certification that will be recognized by local governments and financial institutions.

septic tank inspections

Outstanding experience!! The Inspector, Will, was very personable and took considerable time and effort to provide a very thorough explanation of all aspects of the home throughout the inspection process. I would highly recommend them!

Naresh NarayananCustomer

When you call them, they set you up as quickly as possible with an appointment. The inspection report is in full detail and easy to comprehend. Need a Home Inspection done? Call RPI

Ben CribbsCustomer

Very professional and prompt. Super easy to work with and provides a full list of inspection options. Reports are clean, clear and thorough. I partner with companies that help me serve my clients.

Gene HenryCustomer