Mold Inspection in Myrtle Beach, SC

Mold can be a serious health concern for you, your family, and your pets.

Are you concerned that there may be mold inside your home? We can find out with a mold inspection in Myrtle Beach and surrounding areas!

Information About Mold

About Mold & Mold Inspections

Environmental Awareness

No environment is guaranteed to be safe from mold. It can be found everywhere and can cause issues when it reaches certain levels. Testing for these levels can ensure the safety of your environment.


A common misconception is that all types of mold are toxic. While this may not be the case, there are two common types of mold that produce mycotoxins: Stachybotrys Chartarum and Penecillium.


For mold to grow, a specific amount of moisture is needed. In addition to the proper temperature, this moisture is the main factor for mold to spread and needs to be addressed.

Health Effects

Headaches, itching, rash, and eye irritation, can all be caused by mold depending on the levels and length of exposure. Extreme exposure can potentially cause more serious health issues.

About Our Mold Inspection in Myrtle Beach

Air Samples

We take multiple samples inside the home as well as a control sample outside. This allows the lab to determine if there are particulates inside the home that should not be there, and what levels they are present at.

Visible Growth Swabs

If there is any visible microbial like growth present in the home we will swab those areas. The swab samples allow the lab to determine what types of mold are present which helps determine the direction for remediation.

Detailed Report

All samples are shipped to our trusted lab.  A detailed report is received within 48 hours. The report documents if there are particulates in the home at elevated levels and support staff is available for questions and guidance.

Where We Service

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