Four-Point Inspection

When a home reaches approximately 30 years of age, insurance companies typically want to ensure four main systems in the home are working properly and might request a Four-Point Inspection.


A remaining life expectancy of at least 3-5 years is required by most insurance companies. Signs of current or prior leaks, repairs, or deterioration are also reported.


Insurance companies look for outdated or improperly installed electrical panels or materials in the home. They also look for the type of wiring being used and any safety hazards that are present.


Insurance companies want to see properly working heating and cooling systems that have been maintained. Signs of deterioration and damage are also noted.


The home will be checked for leaks and plumbing type. Cast iron plumbing and polybutylene are two types of plumbing that can cause issues and are viewed negatively by insurance companies.

This is the 2nd time we have used Rivertown Property Inspections. Tyler was our inspector each time and he did a thorough professional job both times and explained everything to us so that we felt we had a good understanding of the items needing addressing with the Sellers. Will use again and would highly recommend.

Shirley WellsGoogle Reviewer
4 point inspection